74\b Art Print House



From the paper to the printing and vice versa could be the sign of Stamperia 74\b. A brief route for its passionate creator, Ivan Pengo, already manager of IL FOGLIO s.a.s., considering that Il Foglio has the competence and experience of the printer FRANCO SCIARDELLI at its origins. Indeed, paper and printing are a family tradition.

The main company that provides materials for art printing and publishing could not be unrelated to the fascinating magic of the printing press. Before giving life to the print house, the first need was to verify the products that had to be recommended and offered to the main Academies, Schools of Arts and publishing houses. This activity started reaching young art students – who strive to experience the printmaking technique – and, to follow, well-known printmakers. Indeed, everyone can have the possibility to benefit from the support and experience of Moreno Chiodini, printmaker since 30 years.
Today, the distribution of images through visual broadcasting media, facilitated fruition and customization, has a huge and indisputable media power. It seems unimaginable to think that this function was entrusted at first to the printmaking, a drawn image, engraved on a copper plate and printed with the printing press – to which has been asked to spread the art works to the world, for the few lucky people who will have the chance to see them.
Another important thing that cannot be missed is the attention paid by the artists. Since the beginning, the art of printmaking could have been a tool for the expression of their creativity, inner being and therefore an artistic fact. Thus, the printmaking, as well as the woodcut and lithography, can survive to the great development of the images media representation done through technologies that are more and more sophisticated.
The original artwork remains a means full of creativity, strong and unique, which is why stamperia 74/b is trying to maintain its tradition and values, keeping its technical means, striving to renew it and making it contemporary by using both traditional and modern methods.
We try to give the ancient activity of printmaking the role it earned during these centuries and the fame given by all those people who took advantage of it enriching collections and museums with masterpieces. We bring our printing presses to fairs and exhibitions in order to spread the knowledge of this world, creating real lessons and printing demonstrations. Furthermore, we organise events in our laboratory, where we invite people to visit us and artists to try it.